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Are you MOBI?

In early 2014 Mobile searches are expected to outpace desk-top searches. Yet, while mobile searches are becoming more popular, their impact on the market place is just beginning to be quantified. And the advertising implications are just now being explored.

Your business needs to be mobile and the proof is in the statistics. Internet users in the US are moving from the desktop to their Mobi devices when searching for information. This has tremendous implications for companies who currently have a website, but not a mobile one: if your site doesn’t produce a suitable user experience in Mobi, then you will be shutting out half your market.

All our web design packages include a MOBI application.

We ensure that your website renders across all electronic devices from desktop and laptop to tablets and smartphones so that your customers can find you anytime and anywhere.

Avoid mistakes from the beginning…

A common mistake is to focus first on creating a site that performs well on the desktop, with little thought as to how it will render in the mobile application. Our design concept is just the opposite: as more and more users are searching from mobile devices, we design our sites from the mobile platform up to the desktop…building out the two as one, integrated system.

So the future is clear…

A Mobile application is a necessary part of any company’s digital presence and will only continue to grow in importance. Let us help you get out in front.