Digital Marketing NYC

Expect powerful results from our integrated marketing and communications solutions. From the creation of your corporate identity to branding and brand extension, we develop the optimal marketing mix.

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  Web Design & Development

Harness the latest in the Art and Technolgy of Web Design & Development and let it drive business to your site and to your bottom line.

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  The Mobile Web

Don't leave home without it. Better yet, don't let your clients and potential customers leave home without you. With our inclusive development package you're available anywhere, anytime.

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pink butterfly  Testimonials

Our clients are talking...

"Anyone interested in having a great site created, consult my site and then call MHC. You couldn't make a better choice."

– Emile M. Hiesiger, MD

"We were so impressed with their marketing and design sense. We look forward to working with them on future projects."

– Melanie Barton, VP Progress Equity Partners

"MHC helped us with every facet of our digital marketing strategy."

– Hank Goldstein, CEO FFM/C

  A Quick Checklist

Your marketing plan should exhibit the following qualities

  • Visibility - Are you found easily in a Google search?
  • Mobility - Is your website designed for mobile?
  • Marketability - Does your strategy lend itself to optimal promotion of your products and services?
  • Accountability - Are you reaching your specific goals?
  • Credibility - Does your web design measure up to the competition?
  • Scalability - Are you able to scale digital marketing up and down depending on competitive and market forces?
  • Extensibility - Can you and your online infrastructure move with ease into new and larger markets?
  • Flexibility - Can you easily add, delete, and revise online documents?
  • Accessibility - Is your website friendly to the disabled?
  • Usability - Does your website promote a positive user experience?

pink butterfly  Integrated Marketing

puzzle piece Unleash the power of a fully-integrated Corporate and Marketing Communications plan. When all the pieces fit together the resultant synergy produces a powerful force greater than the sum of its parts. Let us explain how you can achieve the optimal marketing mix and drive more clients and customers into your business and grow your bottom line.

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