The Case For Outsourcing

Whether you are a large, established company with a need for short-term staffing to oversee a special project, or a new company that needs a communications function but doesn't have the resources to ramp up all at once, let us help you with all your marketing and corporate communications needs.

By outsourcing your communications function to our experts you avoid all the risks associated with creating an entire department within the company and all of the costs associated with them.

The Services We Provide

  •  Market Research / Competitive Analysis / Internal Communications Audit
  •  Event Management / Corporate Events
  •  External Communications (advertising, media relations, crisis management, collateral materials, digital marketing / SEO)
  •  Internal Communications (newsletters, intranet, employee communications, graphics, printing, presentations)
  •  Sponsorships (sports, the arts, social responsibility)

With over 20 years of industry experience, Mejeur-Haas Communications is able to provide a domestic contract labor force that is flexible, responsive, and scaleable depending on your needs. We will provide you with an excellent work product at just the capacity you need, yet with little to no risk, and at a lower cost to you.

Outsource Advantages

  •  Low Risk
    •  No capital outlay for development
    •  Lower Cost
      •  Contract Labor Force
      •  No Excess Capacity
      •  Turnkey Solution
        •  No Training or Lead Time to Initiate

And because of all of the above... we are able to hit the ground running without a warm-up because our team becomes your team. We can offer all of the benefits of a modern corporate communications department without your having to build it - it's turnkey and we can have it up and running tomorrow.

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