Recent Projects

The Margarita Clip

What could be more perfect?

You can't have a Coronarita without a Margarita Clip

Revere Packaging

Revolutionary Ideas In Packaging

Refreshing A Brand That's As Old As America Itself

BodMod Fitness

Fitness Forward

Flash fitness for the busiest people in the world

EnAqua Solutions

Transforming the industry... Protecting our environment

Dedicated Dallas oil men and women going "green" to protect their communities and our planet


Inspiring Family Philanthropy

Philanthropy done right is enormously complex and these are the people who "inspire" us to change the world


Neurology and Interventional Pain Management

The eminent New York City neurologist has created the "WebMD of neurology"

The BioPhaze Corporation

Get the facts... Take control... BioPhaze

Big data, advanced technology and human biology meet to help us understand, predict and control our "ups and downs"