The Margarita Clip

What could be more perfect?

When Chili’s, Applebee’s, and T.G.I. Friday’s all come knocking on your door… you know you’ve got a great product. So it was for our friends at The Margarita Clip in Dallas, Texas.

It soon became apparent that they needed the digital infrastructure that would be the hub of their overall marketing strategy and the workhorse of their retail sales efforts. They needed a website that would lead the customer intuitively from contact to conversion and would promote a sense of a relationship rather than a mere transaction. With that in mind we stepped in to rebrand their product and restructure their online presence.

A new logo, a new slogan, a new responsive and mobile-optimized website, and an ecommerce platform that we custom programmed to meet the needs of their present and future business aspirations…

What could be more perfect?