Inspiring Family Philanthropy


Our client spent decades in the philanthropic arena helping nonprofit clients ”hone a competitive edge in an ever-changing philanthropic marketplace.”  Over the years they built a network of nonprofit institutions and donors, working tirelessly to make unique and gratifying matches between the two.  Now they wanted to focus on wealthy donors (families, individuals, friends united for a cause) and help them  realize their philanthropic aspirations.

Aristotle, one of the great intellects of all time, was an advocate of philanthropy. He believed that giving money away was easy and noble, but that true philanthropy was not an easy matter.

Hence we developed the unique selling principle for Family Foundation Management / Counsel… helping potential philanthropists to not only be noble in their charitable endeavors, but to have real purpose.

We developed a site that conveyed that the principles upon which FFM/C based its philosophy were the same as those of Aristotle. We were targeting a multigenerational audience that was wealthy and driven to “give back” having either been born to wealth or who had created and accumulated wealth during their lifetime. We wished to convey the  deep insight and philosophical beliefs as to the true meaning of philanthropy and the responsibilities associated with donating larges sums of money to nonprofit organizations.

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